Exchange and PHP, a nightmare with a solution

OK that title is not very smooth or clever, but a project I worked on several years ago was syncing Microsoft Exchange with PHP. There's a lot out there not documented, primarily because there are several problems with PHP's implementation of XML and Microsoft's over-use of namespaces and so forth. However, with some serious hacking, I've come up with some solutions.

This was initially based on some code I had found online, however it was so long ago I have not been able to figure it out so I cannot provide proper attribution. Additionally, impersonation does work, and I've seen a lot of people have a problem with this as well.

The biggest thing is it requires a lot of manual XML to actually work, you can't build the objects and expect it to work correctly, it literally will not, primarily due to PHP's SOAP class.

The primary benefit of this code is to see how I hacked around dealing with PHP's issues when it came to trying to deal with the Exchange calendar and task system.

Feel free to reply with any fixes, updates, etc.

A few things to note:

  • When I created this, it was a hackfest with very little time, so the code is not my best work at all; I mean it uses globals for god sake, and improper OOP, improper usage of PSR, classes doing far too much, etc.
  • This code was built for PHP 5.2 – 5.4, and takes no advantage of PHP 7 or anything.
  • Yes, those two above mean I am embarrassed by the quality of this code, but hiding it isn't really useful to anyone, especially because I am not using it in my project any more.
  • This will not work out of box, because it was built specifically for my project, however because it was such a nightmare and other people are struggling, I'm sharing it. It should give you a good idea of where to start and how to deal with some hiccoughs.
  • I assume you've already got the basis down, and you've got messages.xsd, Services.wsdl, and types.xsd, and all the other stuff. Basically I am just assuming you've got it working, you're just running into problems actually doing anything useful.

Usage from my job which pull down basically everything first. This is because repeating calendar entries are only listed once, so you have to pre-grab and store everything in order to deal with it later. The most important aspects are storing the ID and change key so that you can properly manage it later. If someone edits a calendar entry, the change key will be "changed," so every once in a while, depending on your desire of accuracy, you may need to resync everything, unless you find a better way to do it (if so please share).

Here's the classes:

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