Google Chrome actually stealing mundane ideas from Opera?

Note from the future: this was originally written before Opera became Chrome Jr.

A week or so ago, not sure when, Opera updated; nothing was really different, except the autosuggest / autofill items were now bold. I didn't think much of it, until Chrome updated, suddenly theirs were bold too.

What the…?

So, I went out looking for answers. One of the first things I noticed was since about May 4th, a lot of people were talking about Chrome's bold autofill lists; primarily asking how they could restyle that. I didn't find anyone talking about how Opera had done the same thing.

Granted, Opera is not really the most popular browser, and I use it for testing purposes primarily, but nevertheless this change really stands out to me. Not necessarily because one browser copied another, but because the copy is so mundane and silly. Is there some massive benefit to bold auto-fill or bold auto-suggest items?

Is it so revolutionary that when Opera updated, some Google Chrome hacker said "HOLY TOLEDO, WE GOTTA DO THAT, RIGHT NOW, PUSH IT OUT ASAP! WE CAN'T BE LEFT BEHIND! THIS IS DISRUPTIVE!"?

I've tried to find out if there's any discussion from either company regarding this, but I sure can't find it. If anyone has any information, I'd sure like to know why this was done, because it's so goofy.